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Affordable Housing

The Mobile Housing Board’s (MHB) Affordable Housing Program consists of over 3,000 units of conventional public housing located in 11 family and senior developments. Unit sizes range from 1–6 bedrooms (not all sizes are available at all sites).

Important Flat Rent Amendment for Affordable Housing

Please read! Flat Rent Significant Amendment


Basic Affordable Housing Eligibility Criteria


1 - Age of Majority

The head of household must be 19 years of age or older (or an emancipated minor) unless married and applying with a spouse who is 19 years or older.

2 - Income Requirements

Family’s total, gross annual income cannot exceed HUD-established income limits for participation in the Affordable Housing Program. Income includes all "countable" income anticipated for the coming year.

Examples of countable income include, but are not limited to, wages, unemployment benefits, workmen’s compensation, Social Security, Pensions, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF), regular contributions from family or friends, and child support payments.

Income Limits (Effective: 2013)

1-person family            $29,350 ($2446 monthly)     
2-person family            $33,550 ($2796 monthly)
3-person family            $37,750 ($3146 monthly)
4-person family            $41,900 ($3492 monthly)
5-person family            $45,300 ($3775 monthly)
6-person family            TBD
7-person family            TBD
8-person family            TBD


How to Apply for Affordable Housing

  • Applications for affordable housing are available at each of the Mobile Housing Board's apartment complexes. Call or visit the Property Manager's Office. 
    Click here for a Development Directory.
  • Applications are received, dated, time stamped and processed at each Property Manager's Office.

You may apply at more than one of our housing developments (exception being "seniors only" developments).  Each development has its own waiting list. The waiting list at one site may be longer than the list at another site. 

Up-to-date information regarding open and closed lists and other site-specific information may be obtained by contacting our management offices.


Additional Affordable Housing Information

The documents below require Adobe Acrobat Reader

MHB's Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy
(Effective 2/1/2009)

2014 Utility Allowance Notice
2014 Utility Allowances

PHA Plans - Annual Plan for FY 2009
PHA Plans - Annual Plan for FY 2010